About us

Among the projects launched in 2019 by Dunakanyar-Ipoly-Galga Mente Területfejlesztési Zrt., the development of geothermal energy, which is carried out jointly with the world’s largest companies operating in this field, plays a prominent role in the pursuit of Hungary’s energy sovereignty. DIG Zrt. has a track record with complex projects involving tourism, sports and leisure, creative industry, and e-mobility in addition to energetics and renewable energy and its main mission is the detailed mapping and exploitation of important geothermal areas in Hungary.

Our values

DIG Zrt. is a committed actor to the development of the domestic geothermal energy ecosystem in more ways:


Geothermal energy is a renewable energy derived from the Earth’s internal heat, which can be used to produce electricity as well as district heating and cooling, so it can provide valid answers to the questions raised by the current energy crisis.

Protecting the environment:

Among renewable energies, geothermal energy manifests virtually unlimited and continuous energy gains, its environmentally conscious extraction does not involve pollution of the environment or deterioration of the quality of life of the population living in the vicinity of the power plants.

Knowledge development:

The company strives to bring significant knowledge to Hungary together with Chinese and American technology.


Taking its knowledge to the next level, DIG Zrt. cooperates with domestic scientific and professional workshops, and also wants to provide room for other Hungarian partners in the development of geothermal energy.


DIG Zrt. was established in Tura in 2019, where the pioneer Turawell geothermal power plant capable of producing both heat and electricity is located.


Dunakanyar-Ipoly-Galga Mente area development Zrt.
2194 Tura, Bartók Béla tér 3.
Info (at) digzrt.hu