The development of the Tura power plant will speed up the utilization of local geothermal energy

Reliable, renewable, geothermal energy can provide an answer to the energy crisis. Budapest, 17/01/23 – The Dunakanyar-Ipoly-Galga menti Területfejlesztési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (D.I.G.) and the Singaporean KS ORKA Renewables Pte., Ltd (KS ORKA), a subsidiary of the Kaishan Group, signed a letter of intent on the secondary use of geothermal energy and the joint development of the Tura power plant. The joint goal of the two companies is to speed up the development of the use of geothermal energy in Hungary, which can reduce the population’s dependence on gas, and strengthen the country’s energy sovereignty.